Studio AlbumsEdit

This Is What I Feel (2012) COMING SOON


The Room EP (2011)


Ghetto Suffering feat. Lyrical-J (2005)
February 5th feat. Nightmare (2011)
It's Written' For You feat. Karkuz (2011)
All and Everything feat. Abigail Harding (2011)


The Gift Vol. 1 (The Freestyles) (2010)
In The Studio Vol. 1 (2011)
In The Studio Vol. 2 (Purple Demo) (2011)

Compilation Albums:Edit

Ender Line Records Presents Halloween Compilation (2011)

Guest AppearancesEdit

2010 - Crusher - Bloodline - N/A
2010 - Sinima - Remember The Name - N/A
2011 - Toxicrated, Spek-T-Kal - Save Me - N/A
2011 - Karkuz - Phuckkin Die - Still Back In The Day LP
2011 - J-Sinna - About To Fall - Unholy
2011 - Draco - We Be Mobbin' - Wake The Dead Vol. 1



The Last Battle (2009)
The Righteous Story (2010)
A Summers Break *Virgin Media Short Film* (2010)

Cinematic ScoresEdit

Cinematic Horror (2010)

Guest appearancesEdit

Gok's Fashion Fix [Series One] (TV) (2008)
This Is Your Vice [Series One] (YouTube) (2009)

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