Bowling Balls
Directed byPaul Andresen
Produced byAlex Abbiss
Paul Andresen
Steven R. Stone
Written byJoseph Bruce
Paul Andresen
Mark Jury
StarringViolent J
Shaggy 2 Dope
Krista Kalmus
Lindsay Ballew
Kathlyne Pham
Damian Lea
Sabin Rich
Editing byRobert Howie
Joe VanDalsem
Distributed byRed Distribution
Psychopathic Video
Release date(s)August 31, 2004
Running time22 min.
CountryUnited States

Bowling Balls is a 2004 short film directed by Paul Andresen.[1] Produced by Psychopathic Video, it is based on the Insane Clown Posse song "Bowling Balls" from the album Hell's Pit. The film debuted on Spike TV, as well as on the official Psychopathic website.


Bowling Balls follows the story of two girls who break down out in the middle of "what you would call nothingness" during a road trip to Daytona. But almost as if it were too good to be true, a "localer" and "propateer" of a bed and breakfast in town, Violent J, comes to the rescue. Rather than sit in an old broken down truck in the middle of nowhere while they wait for their friends to come pick them up, they decide to go with J. About 10 seconds in the door is when the bloody mayhem ensues as Shaggy 2 Dope, J's retarded hunchback brother, comes in out of left field and lops one of the girl's head off. Meanwhile, their friends--a snooty Asian girl, a pothead jock and a preppy black guy--are on their way to the bed and breakfast to pick them up. Totally unaware of what is about to happen to them. Soon hatchets will be lodged into foreheads, heads will be accidentally chopped off with scythes and Shaggy ruthlessly severs a head.


  • Violent J - Himself
  • Shaggy 2 Dope - Himself
  • Krista Kalmus - Amy
  • Lindsay Ballew - Stacy
  • Kathlyne Pham - Tiffany
  • Damian Lea - Brad
  • Sabin Rich - Carl
  • Mark Jury - Guy In Car
  • Roxxi Dolt - Girl In Car


Bowling Balls made world history with its release, as it was the first 3-D film shot in high-definition video.[1]


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