Kill You- Dezlooca (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)03:51


Dezlooca's latest music Video

Dez flyer perfect phys

Dezlooca The Cannibal Born Daniel Hopwood, is pushing forward in the horrorcore scene.. and FAST , ! With his story telling, murderous style you will quiver in the night knowing there is a cannibal out there some where waiting to eat you... one of the most versatile artists in the underground Dez's music has been played on wfuckoff Radio, Psychopathic Radio, Juggalo Radio, and has been featured on over 30 different mixxtapes, He has been on mixxtapes with, King gordy, Tech N9ne, Mr liqz. Cannibal Carib, Brotha lynch hung, Prozak, Potluck, J reno, AMB, Corpse Circus, Enasnimi, and many many more. Dez has worked with the likes of, Kung Fu Vampire, Kid Crusher, Intrinzik,6 Ninjahs, Jason Porter, Mars, Boondox, ABK, Mastamind, Scum, Dark Half, Twisted Insane, Axe Murder Boyz, Mind Shot Smallz one, Raven Delavega, Petty P and many more!  Check out all of this up and comming Horrorcore/Sik-Hop artist right here, or follow me on twitter @Dezlooca


one thing Dezlooca is known for is Mixtapes! you can download all his mixtapes for FREE on or 


Merchandise is available at everything from Bandanas, to Shirts, to flatbill hats!

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