Psychopathic Rydas Dumpin'
Studio album by Psychopathic Rydas
Released 1999
Genre Gangsta rap
Label Joe & Joey Records
Psychopathic Rydas chronology
Ryden Dirtay

Dumpin' is the debut studio album of American hip hop group Psychopathic Rydas, released in 1999 by Joe & Joey Records.

Music and lyricsEdit

The lyrics of Dumpin' derive from mainstream gangsta rap.[1] Psychopathic Rydas reuses the beats of popular rappers within the genre without paying to license the original songs or requesting permission from copyright owners to use the music.[1][2]

Release and receptionEdit

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The album was initially given away as part of a contest in the booklet for The Amazing Jeckel Brothers.[1][2][3]

Allmusic reviewer Victor W. Valdivia wrote that "ICP's refusal to get permission to sample the beats means that this will always remain an obscure, underground release, but ICP fans should definitely track it down, as it's arguably the most consistent release of their career."[1]

Track listingEdit

No. TitleMusic Length
1. "Dumpin'"  "Pistol Grip Pump" by Volume 10 3:01
2. "Skrilla 4 Rilla"  "Street Dreams" by Nas 3:59
3. "R-U-A Ryda?"  "Who In The Fuck" by MC Ren 3:42
4. "Everday"  "Better Days" by WC 4:11
5. "Ryda Hata"  "The World Is Mine" by Westside Connection 3:03
6. "Slug N Ya Noggin"  "Throw Ya Set In The Air" (Club Remix) by Cypress Hill 3:10
7. "Ghetto Fantasies"  "Ghetto Fantasy" by Geto Boys 3:10
8. "Who?"  "Illusions" (Q-Tip Remix) by Cypress Hill 3:10
9. "Killa Ova Nuttin'"    3:59
10. "Plug Dat Puss"  "Chedda" by Westside Connection 4:06
11. "Back 2 Crack"  "Illusions" (DJ Muggs Remix) by Cypress Hill 3:20
12. "Rydin' 4 Life"  "Slow Down" by Snoop Dogg 4:27
Total length:


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