C Daddy Sickness and Rellik the Holy 1

C Daddy Sickness, the name representing the father of sickness, was born and raised in Olympia, WA. This half of the group Enasnimi started his rap career at age 16. He had his first strike at 17 and joined Enasnimi at 18.
Rellik The Holy 1 means ancient warrior fighter for God. Rellik was born June 16th 1992. He started rapping and caught his first felony at 14. Then joined Enasnimi at 16.

Enasnimi has been featured on Underground Hustlahs Vol. 30, 31 and 34. They have also been featured on Dezlooca the Cannibal's series "the Cannibal Lectures". Enasnimi has also worked with artists such as Mars, Jason Porter, Project Born, Kung fu Vampire, Dirty Savage, Swift Ninja, Nahachis, Archaic the Preacher, H@ze of Scrub Kingz, Cyclone, Lo Life, Shay Dubb, King Scrub, The Storyteller. Enasnimi also featured a track on Project Borns mixtape, "the Work mixtape vol. 3".

And in 2015, Enasnimi has also performed in shows with, Jiolent J of InsaneClownPosse (ICP)

Enasnimi is now signed with ChopMeat Records from Spokane, Washington. They have been played on Psychopathic Radio and their debut video Horrorville (two parts) is featured on FearNet and Juggalos R Us Tv. Rellik and C Daddy Sickness, brothers, are working on their first ChopMeat Records release entitled " I Got Ya Back The MixXxtape volume 1".

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