Gathering of the Juggalos 2003

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Gathering of the Juggalos 2003
Venue(s)Nelson Ledges Quarry Park
Garrettsville, Ohio
Date(s)July 17-21
GenreHeavy metal, hip hop, rock

2003 marked the first Gathering held out doors. It took place at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, known as "the Crystal Forest", in Garrettsville, Ohio, and lasted five days.[1] It was also the first time the festival went on 24 hours every day. Kottonmouth Kings, Bushwick Bill, Dope, Vanilla Ice, and Killah Priest performed.[1][2] Juggalo Championship Wrestling featured the likes of Sabu, Jeff Jarrett, and Mad Man Pondo, who also hosted Mad Man Pondo's Wrestling School at the festival.[2] Other events included swimming in "Lake Lotus," paintball, cliff jumping, and much more. Though a massive amount of police were called to watch over the event by Garrettsville residents, the Gathering went off without any problems.[3]


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