Gathering of the Juggalos 2010
Venue(s)Hogrock Campgrounds
Cave-In-Rock, Illinois
Date(s)August 12-15
GenreHeavy metal, hip hop, rock

The 11th Gathering of the Juggalos was held on August 12–15 in Cave-In-Rock, IL.[1] In honor of the Western comedy film Big Money Rustlas being released at the event, the Gathering featured a "Best in the West" West Coast hip hop theme.[2] In addition to the entire Psychopathic and Hatchet House labels, confirmed performances included Naughty by Nature, Spice 1, Method Man & Redman, Tech N9ne, Kottonmouth Kings, Brotha Lynch Hung, Above the Law, Warren G, Rehab, Afroman, Coolio, Big B, Hed PE, Vanilla Ice, and Prozak.[2] A "Ladie's Night" will also be hosted by Sugar Slam, with performances by Kisa, Whitney Payton, Lil V, Ill E. Gal , and Tila Tequila [2] Shaggy 2 Dope hosted "Shaggy's Old School Super Jam," featuring DJi 2 Dope and performances by Tone Lōc, Rob Base, and Slick Rick.[2]

Comedy was provided by Tom Green, Gallagher, and Ron Jeremy.[2] Juggalo Championship Wrestling hosted Bloodymania IV, featuring wrestlers such as Terry Funk, Mike Knox, Viscera, Todd Bridges, Butterbean, Booker T, Jimmy Snuka, Bob Orton, Jr., Kevin Thorn, Road Dogg, Bryan Danielson, and Hurricane Helms.[2] Corporal Robinson will host two "Flashlight Wrestling" events.[3] The Half Pint Brawlers are also set to wrestle.[2] Also in the Freakshow Tent:[10] Russett Burbank, Critical Bill Kung Fu Vampire, Blue Felix, Sid Wilson, Vanilla Ice, Psychostick, Villebillie, Wolfpac, Lil Wyte


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