Insane Poetry is an American hip hop group from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1988, Insane Poetry is considered to be one of the first horrorcore groups.

The group was formed by Cyco, then known as Psycho (born Andrew "Drew" Holiman), after he was hired as a disc jockey at a Los Angeles radio station. With members DJ Streek and Shakespear the One-Man Riot, Insane Poetry released its debut single, "Twelve Strokes Till Midnight," in 1988.[1] After replacing Shakespear with Em-Dee, Insane Poetry signed with Nastymix/Ichiban Records through an association with emcee Rodney O[1] and released its debut album, Grim Reality, in 1992, which peaked at #98 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.[2] After Nastymix went out of business, Insane Poetry signed with independent React Records, which released its second album, Blacc Plague, in 1996, but disagreements over promotion and support led the group to leave the label.[1] In 1998, Cyco appeared on Vanilla Ice's Hard to Swallow album,[3] followed by collaborations with M-Boogie, Dilated Peoples, and DJ Revolution.[1] In 2003, the group self-released Faith in Chaos (Book of Revelations), after which member JP left the group. This was followed by Fallen From Grace in 2007, with Cyco being the group's only remaining member.[1]


  • 1992: Grim Reality
  • 1996: Blacc Plague
  • 2003: Faith in Chaos (Book of Revelations)
  • 2007: Fallen From Grace
  • 2008: Sutter Kain Presents Cyco the Snuff Reels
  • 2009: Dead Sea Scrolls


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