JCW Heavyweight Championship
Corporal Robinson
Date won: March 14, 2007
Promotion: Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Date created: December 19, 1999
Date retired:
Other name(s):
Most reigns: Tie - Vampiro, Breyer Wellington, and Corporal Robinson (2)
First champion(s): Evil Dead

The JCW Heavyweight Championship is the top professional wrestling title in the promotion Juggalo Championship Wrestling. It was established in 1999 at JCW's first show, the taping for the DVD JCW Volume 1, with Evil Dead winning a 20-man battle royal. There have been a total of 12 recognized champions who have had a combined 15 official reigns.

Title historyEdit

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Evil Dead 1 December 19, 1999 Detroit, Michigan Won a 20-man battle royal at JCW Volume 1 taping to become the first champion.[1]
Vampiro 1 June 2000 Detroit, Michigan
The title was vacated in 2001.
Sabu 1 July 14, 2001 Toledo, Ohio Won a battle royal.[2]
Vampiro 2 July 15, 2001 Toledo, Ohio
Breyer Wellington 1 January 28, 2002 Detroit, Michigan
The title was vacated on July 20, 2002 after a title match between Breyer Wellington and Chris Candido ended in a draw.[2]
Shaggy 2 Dope 1 July 21, 2002 Peoria, Illinois Won a battle royal.[2]
Breyer Wellington 2 July 21, 2002 Peoria, Illinois
Nosawa 1 March 16, 2003 Columbus, Ohio
Kid Kash 1 July 2004 Columbus, Ohio
Monty Brown 1 2005 Columbus, Ohio
Terry Funk 1 2005 Columbus, Ohio
Mad Man Pondo 1 2005 Columbus, Ohio
Corporal Robinson 1 October 31, 2006 Detroit, Michigan
Trent Acid 1 March 6, 2007 Long Beach, California Won the title at West Side Wars.[3] Aired on June 20h, 2007.
Corporal Robinson 2 March 14, 2007 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Won the title at East Side Wars in a Steel Cage Match.[4] Aired on July 28, 2007.

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