Real Name: James Spanolio

Psychopathic Name: Jamie Madrox

Birthday: November 5th, 1975

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 230+

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Race: Caucasian

Nick Names: Mr. Bones, Lil' Shank, Big Stank, Big Grim Tim, Super Jamie, Multiple Man, Batman, Madrox.

More: Jamie Madrox is a very complex but all around great person. His lyrics are a vision into the man with many dreams in life. Even though he deals with issue like depression, and other shit it doesn't prevent him from tearing the mic and bringing the music that we love. Whether it's Mr. Bones, Big Grim Tim, or even Super Jamie, Jamie Madrox is loved for all of his personalities, his devotion to the juggalos, and more importantly his pride for who he is as a person.