Kung Fu Vampire
Origin San Jose, California
Genre(s) Hip hop
Occupation(s) Producer
Years active 1999—present
Label(s) Mad Insanity

Kung Fu Vampire is an American rapper from San Jose, California and the vocalist of the musical group of the same name. He has opened for 2 Live Crew, Tha Alkaholiks, Digital Underground, Kool Keith, KRS-One, Papa Roach and The Pharcyde, in addition to collaborating with musicians such as Eddie Gale and Spice 1.


Kung Fu Vampire began breakdancing at the age of six, and taught himself how to rap and sing.[1] At the age of twelve, his aunt began taking him to see concert performances, and introduced him to a Gothic style of dress.[1] He formed a band, LSP.[2][1] In 1999, he adopted the name "Kung Fu Vampire" during a conversation with his friends in which he discussed the idea of a martial arts film featuring vampires.[1][3] LSP disbanded, and Kung Fu Vampire formed a new band based on the "kung fu vampire" concept.[2][1] Concepts from an unpublished novel he wrote also formed the basis for the group's stage act.[2] In 2006, the group was voted as the "Best Local Band" by Metro Silicon Valley readers,[4] and performed at the release party for Saw III, as well as at The Playboy Mansion.[5]

Style and influences Edit

Kung Fu Vampire performs a style of music fusing goth, funk, jazz and hip hop.[5][2] Kung Fu Vampire referred to this style as "gothic hip hop" and "goth hop", but later learned that it was also similar to the preexisting style horrorcore.[3] Kung Fu Vampire has collaborated with Eddie Gale and Spice 1,[2] and appreciates Insane Clown Posse.[3]

Band members Edit

  • Kung Fu Vampire — vocals
  • Evan "Count" Nunez — keyboards
  • Jeremy Pollett — bass
  • Miss Fortune — cello
  • Razz — violin
  • Savzilla - vocals
  • Statis Kuo — violin
  • Lainey Leone — vocals
  • David West — drums


  • Fang Shui (2001)
  • Blood Bath Beyond (2004)
  • Dead Sexy (2009)
  • Love Bites (2010)

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