Birth name Mario Delgado
Born 1980
Antioch, California, [1]
Origin Pittsburg, California[2]
Genre(s) Hip hop
Label(s) Mad Insanity, Black Market

Mars (Born Mario Delgado[3] in 1980) is an American rapper from the San Francisco Bay Area.[3][4]

In 2005, he received national attention when fan Jeff Weise frequented Mars' website and forum before killing nine people.[5] In 2009, Mars received attention when it was learned that Mars' music was an influence on the music of rapper Richard Sam McCroskey, who killed four people.[3] McCroskey's MySpace page listed Mars as his favorite rapper, and Mars told law enforcement he had seen and signed autographs for McCorskey days before the murders.[6] From these events, he has been interviewed by several news outlets around the United States.[7][8][9]

Mars releases his music on Mad Insanity Records, including his most recent School House Glock (2009, EP).[10]


  • S.I.D.S
  • Mars Attacks
  • Mars Attacks(Re-Release)
  • School House Glock
  • School House Glock: Extra Credit


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