Motown Rage
Motown Rage
Background information
Origin Detroit, Michigan
Genre(s) Heavy metal
Hip hop
Years active 2002-present
Label(s) Jab (2005)
Hatchet House (2007-present)
Razor Ray
Frank Hannah

Motown Rage is an American Heavy metal and Hip hop band from Detroit, Michigan. The group performs a style of Rap rock known as Rap metal, which they dub "Rap & Roll". They have released two albums and are currently signed to Psychopathic Records sublabel Hatchet House.



Razor Ray and 2Def began in the band Harms Way.[1] The group toured nation-wide with several bands including Kid Rock, Insane Clown Posse, and Pantera.[1] After going through several member changes, Ray and 2Def were the only remaining members of the group.[1] In 2000, they were asked to back up Insane Clown Posse on their Bizaar/Bizzar tour. Ray and 2Def accepted and played guitar and bass with the duo throughout their tour.[1] After the tour, Ray and 2Def decided to create another band that would perform a genre they called "Rap & Roll."[1]

After touring with the group Mob Mentality, Ray and 2Def approached MC Sadistic to provide lead vocals for their new band.[1] They chose Sadistic because he had an understanding of the hip hop scene from touring with multiple hip hop groups such as Insane Clown Posse, Mystikal, Onyx, Das Efx, Eminem, and House of Krazees.[1] After ageeing to join the group, the trio recriuted Burn-1 as the fourth member and called their band Motown Rage after their home town of Detroit.[1] On June 3, 2005, they released their self-titled debut album under Jab Records.[2]

Hatchet HouseEdit

At the 2007 Gathering of the Juggalos, Motown Rage was announced to have signed with Hatchet House.[3] In the following months, the group toured with Insane Clown Posse, Boondox, and Necro on the Hallowicked Tour.[4] On April 3, 2009, Motown Rage released their second album, With Us or Against Us.[5] Later that year, on October 16, the group announced that Frank "Foot" Hannah had joined the group as their new drummer.[6]

In Popular CultureEdit

Motown Rage's song "Tear It Down," off their self-titled album, is the theme song of Juggalo Championship Wrestling's internet wrestling show SlamTV!.[7] The promotion also used the group's song "Never Stop," from the same album, for the first Bloodymania.[8]

Band membersEdit

  • Razor Ray - guitar, backing vocals, producer
  • 2Def (Steve Berger) - bass
  • Sadistic - lead vocals
  • Burn-1 (Bernie Alexander) - bass, producer
  • Frank "Foot" Hannah - drummer


  • Motown Rage (2005)
  • With Us Or Against Us (2009)


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