Oddball Wrestling is an event promoted by Juggalo Championship Wrestling that focuses around abnormal matches, mostly of the deathmatch genre. Common weapons include broken glass, light tubes, barbed wire, and thumbtacks. The event first primiered at the 2008 Gathering of the Juggalos on August 8, the day before Bloodymania II.[1]

The inaugural show featured lesser-known wrestlers from the independent scene as well as Mad Man Pondo.[2] The main event of the night was a barbed wire light tube match.[2] The 2009 show included Ian Rotten, Drake Younger, and 6 foot 10 inch female wrestler Miss Isis in addition to the lesser-known performers.[3] The event featured a Woman's Deathmatch, a 4 Corners of Pain match, a Juggalos Submit the Weapons match, and an Electric light tube match in which all lights will be turned off and the wrestlers will use plugged in light tubes as weapons.[4]


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