Oddball Wrestling (2009)
PromotionJuggalo Championship Wrestling
DateAugust 8, 2009
VenueHog Rock
CityCave-In-Rock, Illinois
Event chronology
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Oddball Wrestling chronology
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Oddball Wrestling took place on August 8 at Hog Rock in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois.[1] The event featured a Women's Deathmatch, a 4 Corners of Pain match, a Juggalos Bring the Weapons match, and an Electric light tube match in which all lights were turned off and the wrestlers used plugged in light tubes as weapons.[2]


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Dixieland Destroyer defeated Ryan Phoenix Singles match n/a
2 The Gorilla defeated Eric Ryan and Ricochet Two-on-One Handicap match n/a
3 The Ring Rydas defeated The Day Brothers Tag Team match n/a
4 Isis defeated The Ninja, The Wonder Kid, and Chrome Dome Three-on-One Intergender-Handicap match n/a
5 Drake Younger defeated OMG and Viper Juggalos

Bring The Weapons match

6 Isabella Smothers defeated Hailey Hatred 10,000 Thumbtack Women's Deathmatch n/a
7 Ian Bloody defeated Dingo Four Corners of Pain match n/a
8 Corporal Robinson (c) defeated Mad Man Pondo Electric

light tube for the JCW Heavyweight Championship



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