stogie "johnathon warner" is a american horrorcore artist from fontana,ca..his raw style is influenced by talents like:king gordy,twiztid,and hopsin...he first started off just freestyle battleing in high school...then he met his producer/good friend snuff and it took off from there...some of his earliest shit is fresh but he only got better.with tracks like "skull fucked" and "zombies never die" which are very hard to find now days,he started putting in work with mob zombie records along with vd aka vaginal disease,ckonfusion,and dr edrum..he rocked some shows with them and then left the label do to difficulties with studio time.and never had the chance to record a full length album but did appear on several he is signed to red rotting rekords which was founded by dr.edrum and wikid whisper..he says quote "we will take over this underground shit"

stogie has rocked shows with vd aka vaginal disease,nekro g,maniacal styles,wu tangs killa bees,and many more..collaborations include mars,vd,dr edrum,murdoc,and nekro g...

a couple of his favorite stogie tracks are "history of my life", throw it up",and "you fucked up" which is a collab with murdoc from new mexico

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