The Dayton Family
The Dayton Family
Background information
Origin Flint, Michigan
Genre(s) Hip hop
Years active 1993—present
Label(s) Relativity Records (1995-1999)
Reel Life Productions (2001)
Koch Records (2002-2003)
UBU Records (2004-2010)
Hatchet House (2010-present)
Former members
Ghetto E
Jake The Flake

The Dayton Family is an American hip hop group from Flint, Michigan. It performed at the Gathering in 2009,[1] and is currently signed to Hatchet House.[2] Their eighth album and Hatchet House debut, Charges of Indictement, will feature production by Bernard Terry and Mike E. Clark, and appearances by Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and Jake the Flake.


  • 1995: What's on My Mind?
  • 1996: F.B.I.
  • 2002: Welcome to the Dopehouse
  • 2005: Family Feud
  • 2006: Back on Dayton Ave.
  • 2006: Return to Dayton Ave.
  • 2009: The Return: The Right to Remain Silent
  • 2011: Charges of Indictement


  1. DJ Clay and Sugar Slam (Presenters). (17 July 2009). 2009 Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial. [internet production]. Psychopathic Records. Retrieved on 18 July 2009. 

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