Zug Izland
Zug Izland
Background information
Origin Detroit, Michigan
Genre(s) Alternative rock
Years active 2003-present
Label(s) Psychopathic Records
Associated acts Insane Clown Posse
Joey V.
Dave V.
2 Phat
Former members
Guido Milligan
Dan Miller
B. Nestor
Little Pig
Mike P.

Zug Izland was formed by Violent J as an output for rock-oriented ventures. Through Mike Puwal, Violent J met Syn, who became the band's lead vocalist. Violent J and Puwal soon hired other Detroit musicians, including Lil' Pig on the drums, Guido on Bass Guitar, Mike P on lead guitar and Dan Miller on keyboards. After brainstorming they named the band Zug Island, after the decaying industrial site.[1] When they learned that another band was using that name, the band changed its spelling. The band released its debut album, Cracked Tiles in 2003 on Psychopathic Records. The band's second album, 3:33, released in 2004, marked the debut of the short-lived sub-label Ax & Smash Records. After Zug Izland parted ways with the label, the band continued to be associated with the Juggalo community, and performed at the Gathering in 2007 and 2008.

Fans of Zug Izland are known as Zuggalos.[2]

Band membersEdit

  • Syn — lead vocals[1]
  • Joey V. — guitar
  • Dave V. — bass
  • 2 Phat — drums

Former membersEdit

  • Guido Milligan — bass[1]
  • Dan Miller — keyboards[1]
  • B. Nestor — bass[1]
  • Little Pig — drums[1]
  • Mike P. — guitar[1]


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